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drive bookings with hotel booking engine

Features We Provide

website chatbot support

Website Chatbot Support

Enhance your guest experience with 24*7 website chatbot support for instant assistance and personalized recommendations.
payment gateway integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Accept guest payments from any mode as our web booking engine is integrated with 100+ leading and secured payment gateways.
google free hotel booking link

Google Free Hotel Booking Link

Level up your hotel's online visibility using Google free hotel booking links. Our booking engine makes it easy for you to showcase your hotel's availability and rates on Google Search and Maps.
ready to use widgets

Ready to Use Widgets

Ready-to-use widgets make it easier for you to influence your guest to stay longer on your website and convert visitors into bookers.
group bookings for hotel chains

Group Bookings for Hotel Chains

Our web booking engine streamlines group reservations and allows guests to book any of your properties on the go.
centralized data

Centralized Data

Know about your guest preferences with our hospitality booking system that lets you gain insights into booking logs, reports, and statistics.
easy booking process

Easy Booking Process

Get commission-free direct bookings on your website with our online booking engine. Thus, making it easier for your guests to navigate through the website and book hotels hassle-free.
multiple languages and currencies

Multiple Languages and Currencies

With our online booking engine, you can expand your hotel’s reach by enabling visitors to browse the website in any language and make payments in multiple currencies.
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Reduce Cost

You could pay as much as 15-30% commission to OTAs, or you can pay zero commission when you allow your guests to book directly on your website using Smart Booking.
Reduce cost
Reduce cost


Our proprietary technology empowers hotels with the ability to manage their marketing and reservations, save time and money
marketing through booking engine
marketing through booking engine

Maximize Revenue

With Smart Booking's one-click upsell and cross-sell technology, you can increase your direct bookings, maximize revenue, and get more from every customer's stay.
maximize revenue
maximize revenue

Loved by 50+ Small, Luxury and Boutique Hotels

We are a leading platform of SaaS solutions for hotels of all sizes.
Through our technology, we help hotels elevate guest experiences, improve sales, cut costs and provide efficient workflows to staff.
What People Say About Us
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Maqsood A. (FOM - Radisson Mysore)
We are being using this from past one year and the experience with our guest and internal team has been been excellent, Everything is available on a click of a button and the support system from the company is excellent. In fact the software is built in such a way that there no question asked from company very user friendly.
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Parinay S. (AFOM - Roseate House New Delhi)
The best feature is when the guest is doing check in. It automatically picks up the details of the guest.
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Karan C. (DM - Leela Palace New Delhi)
The Software is super quick. Easy to Use. Every small detail is being taken in consideration for guest experience. Operations run super smoothly if this software is there in your backyard. Thanks to the Entire team of Botshot to adapt changes according to the demand and need of the industry.
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Jayant S. (FOM - Leela Palace Bangalore)
Fantastic product which is extremely user friendly, with efficient back end support. It meets requirements of hotels to have technology that meets all industry criterias of making processes classy, with warmth and attention to detail.
Hotel Logo
Neema S. (GRM - Roseate House New Delhi)
Very good very helpful for team, getting guest feedback directly very much helpful
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Maqsood A. (FOM - Radisson Mysore)
We are being using this from past one year and the experience with our guest and internal team has been been excellent, Everything is available on a click of a button and the support system from the company is excellent. In fact the software is built in such a way that there no question asked from company very user friendly.
Hotel Logo
Parinay S. (AFOM - Roseate House New Delhi)
The best feature is when the guest is doing check in. It automatically picks up the details of the guest.
Hotel Logo


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Booking Engine customizable to match my hotel's branding?

Yes, Smart Booking, the booking engine by BOTSHOT is customizable to match your hotel’s branding.

Can the Booking Engine integrate with other online distribution channels and travel agencies?

Yes, Smart Booking could be integrated seamlessly with other online distribution channels and travel agencies.

Why is a booking engine important for your hotel?

A booking engine is important for your hotel because of the following reasons: 

It enhances guest experience

With a booking engine for direct reservations, a guest does not have to visit a lot of sites. Exploration and reservations can both be done on the same hotel website that is more trusted, simplifying the booking process for the guests.  

The likelihood of sale increases when the process is seamless, with easy checkout and not a lot of steps to follow.  

Facilitates commission-free, direct bookings

Guests, before making any bookings, research and compare prices. These comparisons are usually between the OTA and the hotel website prices. Hence, if the hotel sells its inventory at relatively lower prices, it gains direct booking. The saved commission compensates for the slightly lowered prices. 

Increased bookings and hotel revenue

Offering an easy booking process on a trusted website site, is professional and attracts more bookings. Guests visit hotel websites to receive the perks of direct bookings offered by some hotels. This increases the direct bookings and allows hotels to save commission allocated towards other indirect sales channels.  

Upsell services:

Hotels can easily create, promote as well as offer add-ons, and special packages through the booking engine.  

Secure and faster payments:

The hotel booking engines are secure gateways for payments through credit and debit cards. Payments are processed quickly, and data is safely stored in one place with around-the-clock accessibility by authorized people.

What is a Hotel Booking Engine?

A hotel booking engine is a reservation processing system that is used by hotels to capture bookings through their website, social media accounts, or other marketing channels. It makes the hotel website a direct sales channel for the hotel property.

These direct bookings are further processed, and the data including the payment and personal details, is shared with the integrated systems such as PMS, channel manager, CRS, etc., through this software.

Through this system, hotels capture commission-free, direct bookings and optimize property sales strategy as well as maximize revenue. A booking engine allows hotels to balance their distribution strategy and save some commission given to online and offline travel agents.

How do I choose the best online hotel booking engine?

You should always look for the following features/factors in a hotel booking engine: 

Ease of integration with website and other hotel software

The booking engine should be easily integrated with your website and match its theme and color scheme.  

At the same time, it should offer seamless integration with the other key hotel systems such as PMS, channel manager, etc. This is crucial for effective distribution management; to avoid over or double-booking and maximize occupancy.  

If you have multiple properties, the booking engine should be apt for the chain properties.  

The booking engine should be responsive

The booking engine should have a responsive design for ease of usage on any device. 

Payment options

Payment processing is a crucial aspect of a hotel booking engine. The booking engine should thus be capable of handling payments, and allow hotels to add deals, discounts, coupons, etc., based on payment methods.  

Easy, round-the-clock accessibility

The booking engine should have ease of use and accessibility from anywhere, anytime. Hotel staff with a desktop/mobile headset and a stable internet connection should be able to access and oversee direct bookings from anywhere, anytime. 

Multi-currency and language support

If you want to cater to an international audience as well, then your booking engine must include information displayed in different global languages and currencies.  

Security provisions

Data security is one of the priorities of the hotel booking engine thus ensure that the chosen one is secure, preferably with PCI DSS certification. 


Last but not least, all the above-written features/functionalities should come in your pre-determined budget.

What key features should I look for in a Booking Engine?

The key features to look for in a hotel booking engine are:  

  • Mobile-first approach 
  • Customization options 
  • 24*7 availability 
  • Speed/Fast loading times and seamless user experience  
  • Integrations; compatibility with channel manager, PMS, website, etc. 
  • Language and currency options 
  • Social media bookings; The booking engine should be able to capture social media bookings.
  • Group booking functionality; offer rate codes or unique URLs for large booking groups through the booking engine. 
  • Data collection; booking, occupancy, revenue, month-on-month bookings, year-over-year, etc., reports, analytics and stats.
  • SSL protection 
  • Provisions for services such as upselling, promo codes, special deals

How does the Booking Engine handle room availability and pricing updates?

Whenever a guest books a room using the booking engine, the payment gets processed right away and the reservation details are delivered to the connected hotel PMS. Then an automatic booking confirmation email is triggered, and the integrated channel manager updates all the distribution channels in real-time.  

Additionally, the connected revenue management software facilitates smart pricing decisions with the help of real-time market and competitor rate comparison data. It allows hotels to set rules and triggers to adjust rates based on multiple internal and external factors and update the prices across the hotel website and connected sales channels.  

For the booking engine to work effectively, seamless integration with key hotel software is paramount.

This is roughly how a booking engine and Smart Booking handles room availability and pricing updates.


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